Thanksgiving Week (Moon Communications)

According to (Llewellyn's) 2008 Moon Sign Book: Tuesday, November 25, 2008, is a good day to:
  • advertise in print
  • start a new job
  • can fruits and vegetables
  • begin work with consultants
  • apply for copyrights and/or patents
  • fertilize and compost
The moon is currently in Scorpio in its fourth phase. The day's element is water (pay attention to your emotions).

NOTE: The new moon begins in Saggitarius on Thursday, November 27 {Thanksgiving}. Since Saggitarius moons usually "lighten everybody up" we can expect the feasting atmosphere and festive celebrations to be filled with extra joy this year.

As with any new moon, also known as Diana's "birthing cycle," now's the time to till your own inner soil (reflect and dream big) so by Thanksgiving you can begin to "sow" whatever plans or seeds you have for launching your newest goals. {Check back for full moon - December 12, 2008 - CyberCoven spell suggestions and ideas).


Casting A Circle in Cyberspace

Never joined a Coven before? That's okay. Stick your big warty toe into the proverbial water by joining this Coven on-line! I'm casting this here Circle in Cyberspace to see what happens. {FREE-flowing and flying through the skies spontaneously can be very fun, after all!}

Covens are known for raising positive energy as a group -- to send it where it needs to go. Simply by signing up, you will automatically receive positive Reiki energy (For the full day after joining, pay attention to how you feel -- receiving healing love through the astral plane.) You will also be stating your commitment to do positive work with others who commit to joining this cyber group.

This coven will operate entirely online. Thus -- even if you live in the most stifling area around the globe -- if you felt drawn to this page you are MEANT to be here. SO FEEL VERY WELCOMED!

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