Happy Lithasblot (Norse Holiday) July 31-Aug1

Never heard of Lithasblot? It is a harvest festival celebrated from July 31- August 1 in honor of the bountiful Earth Mother (aka "Urda" or "Ertha").

A "Blot" represents an offering made to the gods. It can take the form of animal, food, or other goods. In Norse rituals, the people accept and eat the offering. Therefore, a feast is usually associated with a Blot.

During Lithasblot, celebrants bake loaves of bread in the shape of the Sun-wheel (aka "Fylfot"/the symbol shown) and celebrants also give thanks for the harvest which will sustain life through the coming winter months. The abundance is shared with all (alms for the poor are distributed to the less-fortunate directly in the form of money and food).


Incredible Find: HexCraft!

While touring New York City, I found a copy of

HexCraft: Dutch Country Magick (Paperback)

by Silver RavenWolf (Author). The book I happened upon sold for merely $1.00!

How incredible/lucky/magickal is that! I will definitely be doing a review here in a few days . . . so much to do and read. :D

Have any of you read this book? What did you think?