Happy Lithasblot ... Norse Holiday

Instead of re-creating a wheel. Here's the link I posted last year in regards to this holiday. happy-lithasblot-norse-holiday-july-31.html


Full Moon Tonight ... Tuesday, May 17, 2011 ... Healing Circle

I am leading a spirit-tribe-healing circle tonight and wish all readers of Cyber Coven to feel included. As you light the candles on your respective altars - connect your flame to ours and know that the smoke from our respective incense will rise up and connect in the astral - communicating similar goals for healing and abundance. 

As we heal ourselves, our minds, bodies, and spirits, we are better able to heal the Earth. So mote it be.


Walpurgis NIght Begins Now Until May 1st

Norse Festival Of Darkness Starts Tonight: Walpurgis is celebrated 9 nights (Apr 22 - May 1) to remember Odin's sacrifice on Yggdrasil, the tree of life. On the ninth day, Odin saw the runes, died, and since all light left the world, at midnight, the bonfires are lit to celebrate the return of the light and Odin's rebirth.


Reiki - Shamanic Healing

A friend of mine, on Facebook, posted this video with the comment that it had made her cry. I also very deeply moved by it and wanted to share. See a wolf volunteer for a human's healing touch!