Goddess Symbols {More} by SunTiger

Symbols come in very handy for all root-and-spell workers. Personally -- Symbols help ME meditate and do positive energy work!

This first symbol, the "Tiet" (pictured left, also spelled "Tyet") is also called an "Isis knot." Since "Knots" are used to bind magic -- this might be a great knot to learn how to tie.
As a hieroglyph, the Tiet seems to resemble the famous Ankh affiliated with all Egyptian deity, except the ankh's arms are fully extended out to either side while the Tiet's arms droop down.

The second symbol, pictured in black and white, represents the Greek Goddess Hecate (Wise Woman -- the Triple Goddess). The middle circle of Her symbol seems to emphasize the moving aspect of the yearly wheel (changing cycles/cogs going round and around) while the three outward prongs seem to symbolize the Triple Goddess -- or her three aspects: maiden, mother and crone.

Next is the symbol "Triskelion" which is identifiable by three interlocked bent lines; often presented as human legs bending at the knee (seemingly running). I mention this symbol as it relates to Goddess worship. It is visually similar to the Spiral Goddess Triskele symbol, pictured in black & white, below. (Reportedly this symbol has been found in Irish Megalithic and Neolithic sites while the Triskelion with legs -- pictured in marble -- is from Sicily).

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