Lucky MOJO Rice (posted by SunTiger)

Pictured left, FEHU (Nordic rune for blessings and wealth)

This following recipe was originally posted by CuriousCurandera (http://curiouscurandera.blogspot.com) but it reminded SunTiger so much of Hoodoo recipes that she's added her personal touches to enhance the work. Instead of "Green Fixed Rice," this enhanced recipe is now "Lucky MOJO Rice" which you can purchase from any legitimate root-working or spiritual supply store (or make your own).

SunTiger STRONGLY recommends cleaning a home thoroughly before doing any "lucky rice" or energy work. Sweep negativity AWAY from the home simply by swinging the broom away from the house. To increase traffic (as toward a business) select a stimulating herb such as Peppermint or Ginseng and make a tea to use as a floor wash. To create a more peaceful atmosphere, select a calming herb for brewing your tea/floor-wash, such as Camomile or nutmeg.

Many parts of the world affiliate rice with happiness. That’s why, historically, we threw rice after weddings (wishing the bride & groom good luck). Spiritual supply shops sell “lucky rice” or you can make your own!

The only way to create “lucky rice,” in the Hoodoo tradition, is to mix in some shredded cash. Trust me: cutting up even a one-dollar bill takes a LOT of personal self reflection -- which adds power to the lucky rice!

Therefore, while CuriousCurandera's recipe omits that part – SunTiger added it in along with Angelica -- a very strong protective herb to dispel any negativity.

• 1 cup of regular white rice.
• 5 TBSP of rubbing alcohol
• 1 TBSP of Holy Water (or water blessed by the full moon)
• One squirt of green food-coloring (may add more for a darker color).
• 1 TBSP of Angelica for protection
• 1 green bill: cut in very small pieces

Place all the above ingredients EXCEPT the cash into a bowl. Mix thoroughly. Once the green is evenly distributed, pour the rice out onto layers of paper towels or newspaper and spread it out to air dry. (Rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly but I’ve been known to place my rice on the lowest oven setting for 15 minutes when I’m in a hurry).

After your rice is dry . . . add the shredded cash!

Call upon your deity and ask them to awaken the power in your rice. For example:
“I call upon the power of the Goddess Isis, the four directions and the forces of the elements, to awaken the positive energies in this rice before me.” (For the Christian version, see CuriousCurandera's blog site)

When you’re finished, make a sign of the power over your Green Rice (SunTiger uses the pentacle for protection and the Fehu Rune, pictured, for drawing Nordic blessings) and your rice is then ready for use!

For Home (to attract good luck, peace and prosperity):
Stand outside the closed front door. Throw a small handful of your lucky rice at it. Sprinkle some under door mats or place some in a planter or open container near the front door.

For Your Wallet/Purse or Shoes: (attract money & w/SunTiger's recipe, be protected!)
Put some lucky rice inside!

For Your Mailbox/Phone: (to lure good news)
Sprinkle lucky rice in and around your mailbox. For receiving good news via a phone call, fold some inside your cellular phone (in the old days they’d put the rice inside the receiver).

For Enhancing Business (to attract investors and customers with money to spend)
Throw a small handful on business rooftop. Place some at the main entrance; as under the door-mats, in a planter or open container. Place some wherever money is kept (e.g., cash drawer, at the register, in the safe). Scatter it about your parking lot!

For a Lucky MOJO bag (to improve your general sense of well-being)
Sew a small bag from red flannel. Fill it with your Lucky MOJO Rice. You may also add other elements that are important to you (such as a lucky stone or amulet). Attach the MOJO bag to your belt or carry it in your purse.

Richest blessings to you all.
{Thank you, CuriousCurandera, for making your inspiring post!)

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