ROAD TRIP: To Stonehenge, Washington (state)

Most of you are very familiar with Stonehenge, or what is now left of it, in England.

I'm now planning a full day's road trip with a gal pal and our mates. We're traveling to see the cement remake of the above pictured Stonhenge; located here in Washington state.

In honor of the Druid traditions [since many believe the ancient Celts and Druid Priests build the famous structure in England] we will be performing a ritual when we arrive.

While Washington's stonehenge was built for an entirely different reason than for Celtic magic (Washington's version serves as a memorial for all World War I veterans killed) the remake, which is a cement structure, is built to the exact scale of England's Stonehenge.

I have lived in Washington state for most of my life and this will be the first time I get to see it. While I'd prefer to be seeing the actual stones of Stonehenge, in England, this trip is going to serve as a much more convenient and affordable alternative.

In preparing for the upcoming ritual, I was searching for some Goddess chants and came across the following very fun website with some very familiar and other not-so-familiar chants and songs. Enjoy!http://www.witchscauldron.net/cauldron/chants.htm

Below is a picture of Washington's Stonehenge (click photo to see it in its original context)

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