Will You Be Dancing Around The May Pole This Friday?

Dancing around the phallic Maypole is just one way to celebrate the fertility aspect of Spring ("May Day" is known as "Beltane" to most Witches) . I remember back when I was a child -- about three hundred million-trillion-gadzillion years ago now -- when I attended grade-school in Seattle. My kindergarten, first and second grade teachers all asked (in subsequent years) the students to weave "May Day" baskets from construction paper strips. The baskets were for holding whatever wildflowers we'd pluck later on.

The idea was to fill those baskets with whatever flowers we found and to take one to any of a number of neighboring front doors. We'd hang a flower basket on the door knob from it's paper handle. Otherwise we'd rest the flower basket on the stoop before ringing the doorbell. Then, before the residents could open the door to discover who was there, we would run really fast to hide (so their hand-crafted gift would be received anonymously.)

It was such a blessed thing to do as a child. I remember hiding in bushes giggling as one Caucasion neighbor-lady in particular found my basket each year and acted so very animatedly surprised.

As I study Scandinavian and Norse mythology I realize these seeming "rituals" of spring date way back . . . and I feel saddened to think they seem to be going by the wayside now. At least -- I haven't heard of any local children passing out May baskets to anyone; not since I did it in the second grade.

Have you heard of such a seasonal ritual??? Ever???

Many of us have felt the huge energetic shift in response to the economy -- not to mention seasonal and social changes as immigration and migration for jobs continues to change what our neighbors and friends tend to look like (and I'm not just talking abut haggard stares).

My hope is that you, dear CyberCoven member, will do something FUN on Beltane. Leap over a small bonfire or weave a paper basket to fill with wildflowers (and give it to a loved one). The death-grip of winter is now over. SPRING IS HERE!

Let's celebrate!
~ SunTiger


Walpurgis (Norse Festival Of Darkness) Ap22-May1

Sometimes I forget how the herb Peppermint (which grows fluently in my garden) came from a wild-growing plant. Thanks to our ancestors -- who lived when "traditional" medicine was not available -- herb knowledge was aquired to help them to survive disease and our existence became possible. I wonder how much of this history do herbs remember (on a cellular level).

While I walk in my yard -- which now blooms with Spring flowers, the Sun seems to be wooing the Earth with kisses: "Wake-up Earth! The cold winter is now over."

While I think of my ancestors, I wonder what their back yards looked like 100 years ago or longer; especially the ones that lived way up north where there might still be some snow on the ground.

For those familiar with Norse Mythology, today begins Walpurgis, the festival of darkness. Historically, this holiday has been celebrated for nine nights: April 22 to May 1, to symbolize the nine days and nights that Odin hung upside down on Yggdrisal - that tree of life. The "Hanged Man" Tarot card seems to remember Odin's sacrifice as well -- because the Hanged Man card symbolizes willingly sacrificing something for a greater cause (as Odin willingly sacrificed his physical comfort for knowledge).

On the ninth day of suffering, Odin saw the runes and died. Then, that midnight, he is reborn (and the Norse Pagans celebrate that hour, where we benefited from so much of Odin's wisdom, by building bonfires. The flames were fueled to keep chaotic spirits away and to honor the dead; especially Odin).

May 1 is also celebrated as Beltane. I wonder -- what do YOU (Cyber Coven Member) plan to do in celebration as May approaches?


Full Moon Ritual, Thursday, April 9, 2009

(Thursday, April 9, 2009).
The moon is in Libra (balance -- more on that, below) and the Sun is in Aries (the ram: symbolic of natural born leaders/climbers).

According to the Farmer's Almanac: Tonight's Full Moon is named "Pink Moon." The name evolved from the earliest widespread spring ground-cover-herb called "moss pink" (pictured).

Since I will be leading out in a Tribal Healing Ceremony this coming Saturday (Public Ritual) I'm thinking rosy-pink thoughts and figured tonight's full moon ritual will focus on welcoming back the healing energies affiliated with Spring -- including that great and Radiant Sun, which heals our bodies from the inside out (as the returning strength of the Sun also rewards our flesh with its golden radiance and fills our souls with gladness).

Shake off that winter cold and rejoice -- for more Sun will be upon us as the great Stag in the sky matures from being a fresh-young-buck toward a strong and powerful steed by summertime

As the book: Witches Spell-A-Day Almanac so pointedly reminds us: This full moon (and any reflective moon, for that matter) resonates with the great Sun's energy. Just as Goddess Moon pulls the tides, so She also lures the Sun to her bosom -- reflecting His rays -- and thus day and night are mirrored together every time we gaze upon Her.

This particular night's moon is in Libra -- meaning now's a time to for maintaining balance with imagery of Libra's judicial scales offered as a visual reminder. Some astrological sites currently warn against the Sun being in Aries because that makes pushy people act even more socially unaware (hold your ground for maintaining emotional equilibrium amidst impulsive, spontaneous and headstrong people).

One really HEALTHful practice (for healing your life) is to write down an affirmation. {{Need affirmation ideas to get this healing process started? See SunTiger MOJO's Affirmation Page.}}

Collect 25 stones and two empty bowls. Ask each stone you collect to help you in the healing process. Then place all 25 stones into one of the bowls. Each time you state your affirmation out-loud, take one stone from the first bowl and place it into the second (previously empty bowl). When all stones have been moved, your task is complete for the day and ready for you to begin the affirmation cycle again the next morning.

Burn a blue candle for healing. Annoint that candle with a calming herb such as chamomile or some other herb affiliated with your particular healing goals (e.g., dandelion is good for the kidneys, Milk Thistle for the liver, Yarrow to slow menstruation or stop bloody noses, Ginko biloba to improve memory, etc.)

When you anoint any candle begin at its middle and draw the oil outward (toward the top and then, alternatively toward the bottom). Visualize your goals as you do your anointing work.

As you light your candle, state your request! Ask your deity of choice to empower your spell.


Papa Legba -- Is That You Tapping MY Shoulder?

We all have objects, sounds and smells that create an emotional response in us. The topic of this entry might elicit some stirring within. Meanwhile, I've been feeling this metaphysical tapping on my shoulder today and someone is seriously wanting to be acknowledged. I am acutely aware of the Voodoo Loa . . . thus I make this posting.

We all need some quiet time of withdrawal (every now and again). Perhaps this story will give you something to ponder the next time you're alone.

At times when a person is NOT talking to spirits, she can feel "at peace" although she is not permitted to speak great words of wisdom during that time because it is the season of quiet recuperation and introversion.

Only later -- after strength has returned from such reprieve -- can the mystic speak again to relay new ideas and sell them to others. That's about the extent of my limitations (as a psychic). A Voodoo psychic, however, would have much more than just her level of energy and physical endurance to consider.

Because of the tapping on my shoulder -- I present what might be a new idea to you if you're used to only studying Caucasian, Egyptian or Middle Eastern deities -- even while this deity has been around for centuries. {{Note: I never anticipated, not in a million years, that I would ever be posting such a phallic image.}}

Let me introduce Papa Legba (Legba Ati-Bon) who is Voodoo's gatekeeper to the spirit world.
According to tradition, Voodoo practitioners cannot talk to any deity or spirit ancestors unless they first ask Papa Legba's permission. After he grants them the right, there's additional Loa (spirit hierarchy) to grant more permission before a spirit closer to the family gene pool, such as her dearly departed great aunt Edna, has access to family members.

Many altars have been built in Papa Legba's honor and he deserves honor beyond the fact that he is the guardian of the crossroads. Similar to Odin in Norse Mythology, especially in the way that Odin brought his people the Nordic Runes, Legba introduced his tribes to the oracles and taught them how to interpret such. In any given Vodoun ceremony, Legba is always the first deity to be called to participate because he is the highest honored and no self-respecting Loa is going to talk to you (or attend your party) without you carrying Legba's permission slip.