Papa Legba -- Is That You Tapping MY Shoulder?

We all have objects, sounds and smells that create an emotional response in us. The topic of this entry might elicit some stirring within. Meanwhile, I've been feeling this metaphysical tapping on my shoulder today and someone is seriously wanting to be acknowledged. I am acutely aware of the Voodoo Loa . . . thus I make this posting.

We all need some quiet time of withdrawal (every now and again). Perhaps this story will give you something to ponder the next time you're alone.

At times when a person is NOT talking to spirits, she can feel "at peace" although she is not permitted to speak great words of wisdom during that time because it is the season of quiet recuperation and introversion.

Only later -- after strength has returned from such reprieve -- can the mystic speak again to relay new ideas and sell them to others. That's about the extent of my limitations (as a psychic). A Voodoo psychic, however, would have much more than just her level of energy and physical endurance to consider.

Because of the tapping on my shoulder -- I present what might be a new idea to you if you're used to only studying Caucasian, Egyptian or Middle Eastern deities -- even while this deity has been around for centuries. {{Note: I never anticipated, not in a million years, that I would ever be posting such a phallic image.}}

Let me introduce Papa Legba (Legba Ati-Bon) who is Voodoo's gatekeeper to the spirit world.
According to tradition, Voodoo practitioners cannot talk to any deity or spirit ancestors unless they first ask Papa Legba's permission. After he grants them the right, there's additional Loa (spirit hierarchy) to grant more permission before a spirit closer to the family gene pool, such as her dearly departed great aunt Edna, has access to family members.

Many altars have been built in Papa Legba's honor and he deserves honor beyond the fact that he is the guardian of the crossroads. Similar to Odin in Norse Mythology, especially in the way that Odin brought his people the Nordic Runes, Legba introduced his tribes to the oracles and taught them how to interpret such. In any given Vodoun ceremony, Legba is always the first deity to be called to participate because he is the highest honored and no self-respecting Loa is going to talk to you (or attend your party) without you carrying Legba's permission slip.

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