Walpurgis (Norse Festival Of Darkness) Ap22-May1

Sometimes I forget how the herb Peppermint (which grows fluently in my garden) came from a wild-growing plant. Thanks to our ancestors -- who lived when "traditional" medicine was not available -- herb knowledge was aquired to help them to survive disease and our existence became possible. I wonder how much of this history do herbs remember (on a cellular level).

While I walk in my yard -- which now blooms with Spring flowers, the Sun seems to be wooing the Earth with kisses: "Wake-up Earth! The cold winter is now over."

While I think of my ancestors, I wonder what their back yards looked like 100 years ago or longer; especially the ones that lived way up north where there might still be some snow on the ground.

For those familiar with Norse Mythology, today begins Walpurgis, the festival of darkness. Historically, this holiday has been celebrated for nine nights: April 22 to May 1, to symbolize the nine days and nights that Odin hung upside down on Yggdrisal - that tree of life. The "Hanged Man" Tarot card seems to remember Odin's sacrifice as well -- because the Hanged Man card symbolizes willingly sacrificing something for a greater cause (as Odin willingly sacrificed his physical comfort for knowledge).

On the ninth day of suffering, Odin saw the runes and died. Then, that midnight, he is reborn (and the Norse Pagans celebrate that hour, where we benefited from so much of Odin's wisdom, by building bonfires. The flames were fueled to keep chaotic spirits away and to honor the dead; especially Odin).

May 1 is also celebrated as Beltane. I wonder -- what do YOU (Cyber Coven Member) plan to do in celebration as May approaches?

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