The Earth Is Our mOtHeR

I am utterly swamped with rituals this Saturday (I'm leading a Shamanic Journey for the Women's Spirituality group and another full blown ritual for the Pagan Sabbat/Full Moon event on May 9th). I'm hoping at least ONE CyberCoven member here will leave a comment about what they hope to do in their personal ritual work this weekend.

Saturday, May 9th is our next Full Moon date. What are your plans?

I'm focusing on Earth: Gaia's living and breathing skin (aka "soil") really needs our help so I'm asking participants of the Full Moon Ritual to gather a 1-3 pound stone; in a respectful manner. The goal is for all participants to bring a stone and together we will charge the stones, create a big vortex to experience the energy shift for helping heal the Earth Mother.

Naturally -- I do a whole lot of habitat restoration work (practical stuff) with the ongoing volunteer work I do . . . but our planet needs us on a spiritual/energetic healing level as well.

PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE SOIL this Saturday. Perhaps you will choose to pick up garbage along some trail that you walk, add organic compost to the yard, or otherwise do something in the way of being a blessing to Gaia.

Here's a beautiful song: "The EArth iS oUr mOtHer" (Which makes a really good backdrop for ritual this Saturday).


Celestite said...

My circle met tonight, on the mountain. I was unable to attend so I will be doing a solitary ritual at home. I feel the need to ground and just draw some energy and I am planning to cast a circle and invite goddess and spirits to come and just be with me. I will offer some bird seed and then scatter it in the hedge, to be eaten or to grow.

SunTiger said...

Celestite ~
You feel exhausted (energetically) to me. Thus I make the following suggestion for your ritual; luv.

Take a ritual soaking bath. Ask the element of water to regenerate you on both soul and cellular levels.

Then -- to claim Earth energy, add some essential oil (plant therapy which gets it nourishment from earth).

For FIRE focus on the warmth of the water . . . as heat/fire makes your bath comfortable.

Breathing in AIR satisfies the fourth element.

Light some candles. Put on some appropriate ritual music. This will be a very good healing/therapeutic and worthwhile ritual for regenerating you.

Celestite said...

You are absolutely right. Thanks for the suggestions, that sounds great.

SunTiger said...


This way of "knowing" is why I work as a psychic. :D Take care of yourself. Pampering is in order.