Happy Lithasblot (Norse Holiday) July 31-Aug1

Never heard of Lithasblot? It is a harvest festival celebrated from July 31- August 1 in honor of the bountiful Earth Mother (aka "Urda" or "Ertha").

A "Blot" represents an offering made to the gods. It can take the form of animal, food, or other goods. In Norse rituals, the people accept and eat the offering. Therefore, a feast is usually associated with a Blot.

During Lithasblot, celebrants bake loaves of bread in the shape of the Sun-wheel (aka "Fylfot"/the symbol shown) and celebrants also give thanks for the harvest which will sustain life through the coming winter months. The abundance is shared with all (alms for the poor are distributed to the less-fortunate directly in the form of money and food).


Celestite said...

I am not familiar with Lithasblot, but I did my own mini harvest full moon ritual. I offered garden grown basil, my re commitment to follow the Old Ways and a blog post with a suggested ritual for anyone who was at a loss this full moon.
I also found time to do a guided meditation that was about the triple goddess.
A good evening for recharging.
I hope yours was also.

SunTiger said...

I was doing spellwork to help a loved one find employment. Meanwhile, a local group here made a straw man for burning and when the fire code would not allow for it . . . they sent him floating down river instead (evidently there are some traditions that used to send trouble away like that).

Thank you, Clestite for sharing!