Stonehenge - Maryhill, Washington

Yesterday a couple of friends, Doug and I drove to Stonehenge in Maryhill, Washington. The drive took about four hours each direction. As you can see from the photos, the trip was well worth it! {Click on any photo to enlarge it.}

Here I am . . . looking pretty small by comparison to the artwork.

Check out these incredible views from just outside the monument!

How pertinent that Stonhenge (important to the Celtics with all their Earth-based spirituality) that Earth-friendly windmills dot the local hillside to generate CLEAN electricity.


Breath-e said...

Excellent trip! This is on my list for sure!

SunTiger said...

Well, if you drive to Stonehenge, make sure you visit the Maryhill Museum as well. It has a lot of background info on Stonehenge and luxurious art (as donated by a couple of different Queens who befriended the Stonehenge builder)

Panademona said...

Wow that is really neat! I would love to go to Stonehenge in Washington sometime! It looks fabulous!

SunTiger said...

I hope you do manage to go sometime, Panademona. All the photos (with exception to the peacock) were taken just outside of Stonehenge. It was glorious.