Western Washington Pagans In Emergency Response

PUGET SOUND PAGANS UNITE for providing the local communities with emergency response and preparedness.

This Thursday there will be a meeting designed for faith/community and non-profit organizations comprised of individuals willing to volunteer for emergency response. SunTiger is an active Community Emergency Response Team (trained) member willing to connect the forming Pagan effort with all the necessary contacts and multiple resources that she currently has at her fingertips. It is imperative that anyone who attends the following event participates collectively as a group. Therefore please contact SunTiger and meet just BEFORE the event to sit collectively as a group.

Reminder of meeting date and time:

WHAT: a meeting entitled "How Can You Help: Preparing for the Upcoming Flood Season"
HOSTED BY: the City of Auburn & the White River Valley Community organizations Active in Disaster (COAD)

WHEN: Thursday, October 22 from 4-6 PM

WHERE: Auburn City Hall, City Council Chambers, 25 W Main St.

This meeting is designed for faith/community and non-profit
organizations (not for individuals wanting to attend or volunteer on their own) therefore it is imperative that we attend collectively as a group. Contact SunTiger@usa.com if you need more info.


* learn how we as collective Pagans can be of assistance during the upcoming flood season and to learn how to properly interface with the city's Emergency OperationsCenter in other times of disaster.
* a whole variety of volunteer opportunities will become available (opportunities for answering phones and giving evacuation advice to staffing heated meeting locations on the coldest days of winter to delivering sandbags as needed or -- should a large earthquake/volcano hit -- search and rescue work).

TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS IMPORTANT GROUP ACTIVITY: contact SunTiger: SunTiger@usa. com, 253.561. 3444

Goal: To become part of a Pagan group working to ease suffering during times of disaster . . .
[So far, only Christian groups have been participating -- it's time to step forward and
help better represent the diverse population being served]]


Anonymous said...

If you're going to train an effective group, for Emergency Response, they're going to need a need, for regular practice. The problem with Militia, is that they don't give much thought, to how to address Confusion, until the actual confusion hits. I think you'll need regular meetings, of disaster gaming, driven by a ministry unto those who haven't handled their disasters well. I'd suggest a balanced program, of a battered women's shelter, and also a Dog-House, perhaps in concert with AA. I'm planning a divination of marital philosophy, and a harmonizing of Bachelor Quarters and battered marriage hospices, would be a good ministry by which to keep marriages togeather, and a good context for a stirring cauldron. Some sort of ministry unto Birth Community, Contractural Obligation, the Brotherhood of Man, and of Evolutionary Influences, should provide a grounding for your Muggles Annonymous, and for a circle of Spade-Besoms, by which to strengthen their handles on Man and Earth.

Johnny Appleseed was a Swedenborgian, and was probably on the Aesyr Side, of the Ocean of Milk War, while Clara Barton seems more in line with the Ass of Devas, St. Gabriel. These two would have had great spiritial benefit, for their ministries, although likely incomplete. Clara had a Masonic Connection, as well as to Anubis, which'll open some funding, for a competant buisiness plan, but you're going to have to play well with others.

Spade Besom, for your deployables, would give them a handle onto the World, as well as a magic to touch upon the Earth, and to clean up after. Cerredwen's Cauldron is done bare handed, so growth rate wouldn't be a problem for Children. Sangraal is more sedentary, and for inclusion of the injured and arthritic. Each person leading in Mimicry, until the cauldron stirs to a boil, will benefit by whatever ministry is done, and will eventually overcome all challenges of Credit.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ training is already in place. Those interested merely need to make themselves accessible and useful.