Focus On Gratitude - Looking Inward - Getting Back To One's Roots

In the United States, the cold months are now changing the landscape and it's the time of year when all of nature draws its energy inward. The trees pull resources from their leaves and send nutrition and sustenance down into their roots. Annual flowers begin to wither and return to seed. The focus of everything in the outdoors seems to be on survival.

Those of us who practice an Earth-centered spirituality, also begin to look inward. It's how we reconnect with our "roots" and by that I mean I am looking at my life critically and I'm asking myself: "have I accomplished everything I wanted to by this time in my life?" "Am I living according to my life purpose?" 

As I focus my attention within, I realize that I have been feeling stuck, as though I've been pushing against a huge wall. I haven't made progress as easily as I had hoped. So now I'm realizing it might be a good time to do spell work to change what energy I attract. This is still the harvest season - Thanksgiving being just this upcoming week - so when my coven mates and I gather on this next full moon we will be inviting all the helpful energies in the Universe to magnetize the resources we need and life will then flow a little more easily.

To that end, instead of rewriting spells that others have already posted on the internet, I'm just going to provide hyperlinks here for each of you to pick and choose what sort of abundance you'd like to draw into your life. My physical coven and I will be doing our work this Sunday, November 21st, on the night of the Full Moon. When you light your candles, realize we are all connected. We can pull positive change to each other, as we work together.

Many more spells are available just by searching the topic you desire with the words "spell" or "spellwork."

Richest blessings in all the good work you do!

~ SunTiger

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