Burning Through Darkness

On this full moon night, I received a message from Skuld, (the same way I receive psychic messages and successfully provide intuitive readings for clients). Skuld, if you remember, is the giantess-Norn who determines one's future.

She seemed to be directing me to utilize the Rune Naudhiz (pictured) for manifesting my desires. Yet I had only imagined that Rune as it related to a sense of need (or lack). So when I heard her message, I felt concerned that the Rune could generate some negative outcome.

That's when I was told this rune actually offers a very positive fulfillment -- as when someone's exceptional talents satisfy a great need expressed by the world (that person's input becomes a necessity for others).

Thus -- I now look at this Rune much differently than before. Interestingly, as I looked up Naudhiz's meaning from "The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes" (the best Rune Bible I've ever read) I realized confirmation of what I had learned earlier.

Yet another positive angle for examining this rune is from the book: "Naudhiz (PRONOUNCED: “NOW-THESE”) REGARDS: "The need-fire, which burns even through the darkest of times . . ."

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