Preparing For Dec. 12 (Fri) Full Moon Ritual

On Fri., Dec. 12, 2008, the full moon will be in Gemini, a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. Since Gemini is affiliated with the planet Mercury, and is a mutable sign, the most successful spells on that night will have to do with change, versatility and communications (i.e., successful interactions with other people).

Remaining conscious of the Gemini twins – and the benefit of remaining scattered – I felt this particular full-moon ritual should honor the present needs of each coven-mate individually yet in a collective way.

THEREFORE: As each Coven-mate submits his/her goals (via “comment”) for this Friday’s CyberCoven spell-work, the group can collectively include each goal submitted, incorporating that into individual spell-work, to build very positive energy and good results TOGETHER. (This is one way how we will support each other’s needs, as a Coven, while we each perform our individual rituals.)

PLEASE NOTE: While I recognize Nordic mythology and adhere to it, I am very willing to entertain unusual suggestions and ideas for enhancing our collective CyberCoven experience. Please offer your input!

MY ALTAR AND APPROACH THIS FRIDAY: According to Norse mythology, supernatural beings known as the “Norns,” typically depicted as three giant maidens, work to determine each person’s destiny and they spin the threads of fate at the foot of the Tree of the World, Yggdrasil. Since I’m teaching a new class, on Dec. 30th (something I feel is part of my “fate”) I will be calling upon the three most-commonly-known Norns; named “Urd” (she who deals with the past), “Verdandi” (who addresses the present) and “Skuld” (who determines the future). .

EMPLOYING RELEVANT RUNE WISDOM: Perhaps the most appropriate Norse Rune to represent the Norns would be Pertho (see picture) since it has much to do with psychic ability and “Wyrd” (loosely meaning “fate” or “karma”).

Often affiliated with the vagina, this rune also represents luck, chance, secrets and mystery. In my own astral work, I’ve utilized Pertho to appear invisible during soul travel. Meditating on Pertho is said to make a fuzzy psychic message become more clear to the practitioner. So I will be meditating on Pertho prior to my spell-work to make certain I’ve gathered all the tools and focused all the right attention where it needs to go.

As CyberCoven-mates begin to plan the ritual for this upcoming full moon, I’m hoping each of you will also take time to meditate on Pertho before you submit your input (here at CyberCoven.blogspot.com) in regards to what you hope our group will accomplish while supporting you, personally.

STARTING THE CYBERCOVEN LIST: My Dec. 12 spell-work goal, put simply, is for the right spiritually and emotionally prepared students to attend my Dec. 30th Pallomancy class – so they are prepared to learn and grow. I intend for this course to prove so successful I need to schedule another one.

(If any of this posting is unclear – or you need direct feedback before posting your spell-work goal – email me at SunTiger@usa.com)


SunTiger said...

Mm-m-m-may, Coven-mates. It's now the Full Moon. Since I haven't heard back from any of you I'll just be generating generalized good-will wishes your way while I do my craft-work tonight.

Blessed be.
~ SunTiger

Luna said...

Sorry, I had a bit of a hiatus from my blog world... I am upset I missed this! I will participate next time!

SunTiger said...

Well - yay (that you'll be participating next time).

Tish/Desert Crone said...

I'm a bit rusty with remembering these things, but will be more attentive. I really want to do this, and am sad to have missed last Friday's ritual.
Thanks for providing it.

SunTiger said...

That's okay Tish/Desert Crone. Just remember the next full moon is Jan. 10, 2009. Check back at least a few days before that for preparation tips.

I'm happy to know you're committed to participating. Things will get better (our Coven is so new).

A good (Farmer's Almanac) full moon calendar can be found at http://suntigermojo.com/moon.htm