Sekhmet - Powerful Healing Protectress

A friend of mine introduced me to Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet recently. Multiple resources say her name means: "She Who Is Powerful." Depicted as a lioness - you can imagine how the dessert-dwelling people feared her (as lions can cause great carnage when needed for self defense and lions are one of the greatest hunters known on earth).

I found her statue/likeness on sale through eBay (am waiting for it to arrive). What a great protectress she would prove to be! You can imagine a lion might make the most loving mother figure with the most healing and attentive care provided.

Interestingly, this great Lioness rules over all healers (can be called upon for assistance when caring for the infirmed). She also has the ability to destroy -- can send disease or pestilence to those who threaten or cause her displeasure.

Identified as daughter of Sun-God Ra, her popularity transplanted Horus worship (oddly enough). Horus, if you remember, is the falcon-god; son of Goddess Isis.

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