Faerie Thoughts

I'm going to open this blog up to those Coven Mates who have left comments (so they may also post craft or ritual-related entries here at CyberCoven.blogspot.com).

For today: I'd like to share a short segment from a much more detailed obituary written by Robert Kirk, author of The Secret Commowealth of Elves Fauns and Faeries." (Evidently the Rev. Robert Kirk went to the Faerie Lands at age 52).

He heard, he saw, he knew too well
The secrets of our fairy clan;
You stole him from the haunted dell
Who never more was seen of man,
Now far from heaven, and safe from hell
Unknown of hearth he wanders free.
Would that he might return and tell
Of his mysterious company!

Music is such a binding, comforting, tribal sort of medium for sharing or raising energy. Here's excellent music on YouTube; good background aesthetics while casting your ritual circles.

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