{Submitted by Faerheart} NOW is the time to start new projects

Further planetary considerations for the January 10, 2009, ritual work with CyberCoven: TIME IS OF ESSENCE. {Read why you want to create any new effort NOW, before Jan. 11!)

The day AFTER our upcoming ritual (see details about that, in previous entry, below) regarding the January 11th to February 1st time period – Mercury will go into Retrograde (This means, from Earth's perspective, Mercury appears to move backwards in the zodiac and it lasts for a 3-week time period.)

What Mercury retro­grades most often mean:

  • increased frustration
  • interruptions and snafu's that make even simple projects seem impossible.

    WORDS OF WISDOM: You will need more caution, more care, and a pinch more of elbow grease to get things done. Typically there are delays, interferences, mis-communication occurs; especially for those with strong Virgo or Gemini in our charts (Mercury is the ruler of these two signs.)

    With Mercury travels in retrograde, it is NOT a good time to launch new projects. (That's like pushing off to swim the ocean just as the tide is coming in). It will be more of a strain to make headway with your plan – better to wait until the current is moving with you, as it will be up through January 10.

    How to best use these "Mercury in Retrograde" periods?
  • Finish up projects already started
  • Refresh your memory about subject matter you have already learned
  • Straighten up the home and dismiss any accumulated clutter....

{Thank you, Faerheart, for your wonderful contribution to CyberCoven}

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