Forecast For 2009

Surfing on-line today, I went to Nova Magazine (holistic journal, based out of Australia). The Astrology-writer there suggested we should all be simplifying our lives, reducing stress levels, looking after the physical and emotional health of ourselves and our families.

This all sounds very ordinary -- the kind of advice that we might get from our medical care providers. At the same time, something the astrologer did say jumped out from the page at me: "watch for signs of new life and new potentials amid the rubble."

Any time there's a huge world-change going on, it's time to get creative and help figure out ways to capitalize on potential needs. Here's the full "Celestial Shake-up" article; which suggests MAGIC will come into play -- in a much bigger way than previously available.

The next Full Moon {in Leo} is Monday, Feb. 9th. Be thinking about what you'd like to see happen at this next ritual celebration.

*See: (animated gif) of planets in Leo.
* Click on the following image to enlarge:

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