Nastiness Be Gone Spell {by Fire Eagle}

The following spell is for addressing very negative and malicious behavior -- when simply talking, being nice and otherwise nurturing a more positive relationship does not help. The goal of this spell is to dispel negative energy from such a relationship.
  • Cast a sacred circle and invite in all positive and loving Spirit Guides/Goddesses/Gods/magical creatures who wish to help
  • Wrap yourself in your magical cloth to enhance your energy work (any special cloth that you have slept in/blessed/worn during magical work previously)
  • Write on a pink piece of paper with a pink pen (happy energy) the purpose of your work: ie: Dispel/expel anger......then write the name of the Egyptian God/dess XNEQM (ancient spelling) while identifying a mad mortal with a God associated with that same emotion, using the God's power to exorcise negativity.

On the other side of the pink paper (still using pink ink) spell the names of the person(s) whose anger you wish vanquish and put the oil essence of Myrrh, for purifying and soothing, on each corner of the pink paper. (You can add Frankincense for added potency)

Hold the pink paper up in your right hand and say: "I am restraining the Anger of all, especially of him/her/them (angry person[s] name[s]) which is Chneo'm."

Chant the charm until you feel relived about the situation.

Place the pink piece of paper in a mirror box.

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