Starhawk On Connecting With Nature

One of the many things Starhawk emphasized in her speech (last night at Seattle’s 17th annual Women of Wisdom Conference) was how much Earth’s citizens need to get reconnected with nature.

As civilized societies, we have not only become too far removed from our own food sources, but as many of us work inside cubicles or otherwise seldom spend time outdoors (I'm paraphrasing and adding my own interpretations here) we often have no connection to the Earth.

This “disconnect,” she says, allows us to dishonor the Earth and brings us to where we are now living with severe climate change barreling down upon us like a locomotive gone wild. Can we take dramatic enough action to save the Earth before it's too late?

Starhawk says: "No." But since she's a witch and she can move energy (working w/other witches) to make actions more powerful and significant: worthwhile change can still happen!

Connecting to the earth by spending time observing it for at least five minutes each day, Starhawk says, will change how people treat Her, our Earth-mother.

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more on her speech.

Here’s a meditation offered for FREE by YouTube by Starhawk

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