Boning Up On Herbs {by SunTiger}

Studying my herbal manuals again . . . I'm reminded of the days in which our ancestors lived. To color your hair, you might make a strong tea from Maiden's Hair (Galium Verum) as the root would yield a red tint while the leaves would dye the hair yellow.

The best mousetrap bait: Anise! (Evidentally rodents cannot resist the stuff; which smells like black licorice).

If you want to grow herbs and dry your own potpoutri -- try growing Beebalm (Monarda didyma) which smells strongly of orange - citrus. This is a great herb for adding a unique flavor to apple jelly, fruit cups and salads (more).


Fire Eagle said...

I can hardly wait to try some of these suggestions. Thanks for sharing your research!

Fire Eagle

SunTiger said...

Likewise. :D