Calendula Does The Haunted Hula {By SunTiger}

I know this blog entry is going to sound a little creepy and bizarre. I don't care. I purchased the Marigold (Calendula) seeds, pictured left from an "Heirloom" seed-seller on eBay.

When I first opened the package, I SWEAR these seeds were wiggling around like worms gone wild. I could not believe my eyes. It was like some sort of freakish omen.

Then I saw something else in the manila mailer-package and lo-and-behold it was pushy religious propaganda (a pamphlet) promoting a monotheistic religion in the most offensive and threatening sort of way; preaching hell and damnation.

Do I think the seller had some sort of bad intent toward my eBay store "SunTiger MOJO?" Psychically, I "get" this seller does not USUALLY put monotheistic crap in other people's packages (the seller's feedback suggests the same).

Something I've been exploring for a while, even consulting with other psychics about it, is the reality that people can perform black magick without even realizing it. Some Native American tribes teach that it's dangerous to harbor any ill will toward anyone (or entertain negative thoughts about someone) because of the likelihood of causing tangible harm. In the Middle East they believe in the "evil eye" where someone, just by harboring jealous thoughts, can create harm for the person they envy.

As a psychic -- who understands deeply that every thought generates energy -- I totally buy into the idea that ill-intended thoughts create really bad juju. This is why the Law of Attraction receives so much credit for making benefitial change in the lives of New Thought practitioners. This is why Pagans have always aligned their intent with their emotions (to manifest some desired magickal goal or otherwise generate positive change).

May you, dear Coven-Mate, pay attention to your thoughts and regularly FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE to create the best possible reality for your near and distant future.

Richest blessings,

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