Full Moon Ritual, Tuesday, March 10 {by SunTiger}

This Tuesday night, as we stand before our respective altars, we cast the circle because it is crucial for our most powerful spell-work.

Before we do that, however, there's a little preparation work to do. Today, on March 9, the moon enters into the phase of modest, intelligent and shy Virgo (the virgin). The Sun, obviously, is in imaginative and sensitive Pisces (the fish). So there you have the combined accommodating sort of energy that's available to us on this full moon ritual night.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, March's full moon is called the "spring Moon" but it is also known as the "Full Worm Moon." That's because: "The ground begins to soften and earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of robins. This is also known as the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap begins to flow and the annual tapping of maple trees begins."

As the weather keeps changing dramatically (one day it feels like summer, the next day it snows) here in the Pacific Northwest, I'm thinking of the Greek Goddess Hera (wife to Zeus/pictured) who is in charge of the the weather and changing seasons. She rules over every other aspect of existence as well. In fact the Milky Way reportedly spurts from her breasts. (It might be good to call upon her as you do your spell-work for those reasons, alone -- this Spring Moon night).

So here's how we let the "sap" flow as we woo Hera as though she were the virgin of Virgo, in order that she will take favor on us and grant our spell-wishes:
In Tarot wisdom, Hera is depicted on the "Lovers" card. There Zeus coerced Paris into deciding which Goddess was the most desirable: Hera (aka "Juno"), Athena or Aphrodite (aka "Venus"). Being a young and potent male, Paris chose Aphrodite due to her sexual alluring.

To Do: Gather: A writing utensil and paper for your spell-work. Look at the "Lovers" Tarot card (if you don't have a deck, you may click on the above underlined word for an image).

{Coven Mates: inquire of your pendulum if this "love letter" is most optimal for you to write. I guarantee -- if you are wise in spell-work and are open to receiving Hera's blessings -- that you will "get" that Hera would LOVE for you to perform the following task for her.}

Write a love letter to Hera. Explain why Paris should have have chosen Her before you conduct your spellwork. Then, as you do your full moon ritual -- when you ask Hera to bless your work -- you will already be in her favor.

Here's a few things I will be writing: Hera is:
  • More beautiful & Gorgeous than even Aphrodite (sorry Aphrodite, but I'm so over the need to lure strange young men into my bed)
  • Very relationship-oriented; and that's a powerful attribute!
  • Physically fit. You kept Zeus busy on his honeymoon for 300 years.
  • Magickal & resourceful: you restore your virginity annually by bathing in the sacred spring called "Kanathos."
  • You are so alluring even Zeus, God Supreme, seeks refuge in your lap!

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