Current Day Animal Totems {by Fire Eagle}

I sometimes envy the ease our ancestors had with being "one" with Mother Earth.

If they needed food for their evening meal, they would go into the forest seeking roots and berries, or possibly down to the river to spear a few fish for protein. Along their food-gathering journey, they may have crossed paths with a wild hare nibbling on fresh grass or with a beetle chirping nearby from a leaf; attempting to draw females toward him. They may have even come upon bear-tracks in the soft dirt near the river bank, knowing she-bear had just been there earlier for the same reason they had come to the the river bank.

It is no wonder that our ancestors were able to study the habits of the earth's creatures and gain wisdom from the animals and thus pass this wisdom down through the generations to guide us. Our ancestors' interaction with the animals was invaluable for their survival and spiritual wisdom.

In today's world, we hustle and bustle to and from places in our motor vehicles (radios blasting and/or kids crying) while rubber tires spin against hard cement. It's difficult to observe animal tracks there! As we travel, our minds wander from how important it is to get to where we are going on time, during peak traffic hours. If we're lucky, we might notice a seagull or crow flying overhead; perhaps searching for garbage that the humans have thrown away. We might see another person walking a dog at the side of the road; as their pet smells every mail box, lamp post or telephone pole for the scent of another dog.

In other words, our interaction with nature is dramatically more limited than it was for our ancestors.

In my personal search for becoming "one" with Mother Earth, I work in my garden. I feel grateful to greet all the worms with warm smiles knowing that they will be creating nourishing soil for my plants. I also may run into Mr. Mole's mound and frown because he has been tunneling through my yard and creating sunken alleys from his digging to eat the good worms that nourish my soil; or I possibly would see Mr. Beetle as he scurries away from me (can't say I wouldn't do the same if I was confronted with a giant) under a leaf or rock for protection; or I may be blessed with a dog barking from a neighbors yard -- letting me know that she sees me. All in all, this is the closest that I am able to get to animals on a daily basis.

My knowledge of animal totem wisdom comes from the teachings of our ancestors in books like "Animal Speak" (The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small) by Ted Anderson.

Recently I have found more contact from the animal totem world in my Hot Yoga Class that I attend 3 - 4 times a week. During one of our Yoga positions in class, we are regularly instructed to relax every muscle and melt into the floor. During this 2 minute position, we are to look up at the ceiling and just "be" with ourselves and focus on our breath. As I gaze up at the ceiling tile, trying to find something to look at, I have found that animal pictures come to me from the tile. Usually 2 animal patterns appear to me on any given tile. Today, it was a crocodile and a blue jay. It was so vivid! I could hardly wait to go home and search out the message from the totem animals. Later in the class when we again are in the resting position, I am unable to find the animals that I saw earlier on the tile. It appears that they were able to get their message through and their job is now done.

The animals always appear during the same position and time during the class. Every class I attend, I am at a different spot in the classroom and so I am not looking at the same ceiling tile daily.

A few other animals have appeared on different days: Eagle, wolf, dolphin and pig. The message that each animal brings has been profound in my spiritual growth. I am not able to spend a lot of time in the woods and forests to interact daily with the animals, but I am able to daily receive messages from totem animals to guide me on my daily life path by looking for them in Yoga class!

If we are seeking guidance from our totem animals, they will come with a message.......even in ceiling tile!!

Blessed Be.


SunTiger said...

Awesome post. Thank you for sharing this very powerful truth: that we definitely find what we are looking for. If we seek Totem Animal guidance it will certainly come.

SIDE NOTE: Here's a new way to look at "Mr. Mole" in a manner to not feel quite so irritated by how such rodents create problems for manicured lawns. Moles are expert diggers who till up the deep soil -- in effect aerating it. Their tunnels also provide much needed drainage in this water-logged Pacific Northwest (scientific fact). Moles therefore help the plants we love to grow more readily.

I keep learning: that which annoys me (e.g., driving, being on the go too often) is often a blessing I am failing to see; as your powerful entry truly points out. Beauty is everywhere.

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