Ever Hear of Echidna In Greek Mythology?

While doing some research on Cerberus (the three-headed dog) I learned that the Greeks believed all beasts, including that triple-canine just mentioned, were born of Echidna: that half-nymph pictured (see her womanly torso and snake-like lower limbs).

Can you just imagine all the frightening stories this character represents for writing children's stories?

What sort of characterization would you write -- if you were to tell this creatures story?

In relation to magick -- and the whole yin/yang principle of balance -- it's easy to see from Echidna how she could represent that which we adore about ourselves and that which we'd prefer to shed faster than a snake leaves its old skin.

As the Sun reaches its fullest potential here in the Northern Hemisphere during this month of June, it might be a good time to do a little honest self reflection: to at least know WHY we make the decisions we make to do and act as we choose (while the sun shines brightly; illuminating ALL that would otherwise be hidden).

Gentle Reminder:
Next Full Moon Is 2009 June 7 18:13 {This Sunday}. What do you want to improve about your life?


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SunTiger said...

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