Very Lucky Indeed

I have been so very lucky shopping at thrift stores and estate sales lately. Today I found two fancy and engraved daggars, a shadow-box displaying the Egyptian Pantheon and much more. May you, dear reader, also feel so lucky . . .

Beyond throwing salt over your shoulder (to dispel negativity) and more than just making a batch of "lucky rice" [see previous posting of that recipe, here at Cybercoven.blogspot.com] there are MANY "luck" recipes available on the web.

Meanwhile . . . many different herbs can also be used for generating luck.

St. John's Wart feels like a very lucky herb for me (it also can keep depression at bay when taken regularly as a medicine).


Bali Top Holidays said...

warm greeting 0_0

SunTiger said...

Hello and richest blessings back.
~ SunTiger