More on Goddess Sekhmet

My statue of Goddess Sekhmet (solar deity who often appears with the head of a lioness) arrived in the mail today. That inspires me to study her mythology even further and so I've just learned she is the younger sister of Isis (both of the above mentioned powerful Goddesses were born to Sky-Goddess Nut and to their snake-headed father: Geb).

Turns out, Isis is the eldest of the two.

Sekhmet's breath proved hot as the noon-day sun and she could breath fire into the arrows with which she hunted those who rebelled against her Father's kingdom.

Some sources claim she birthed Nefertem (as other Goddesses are also depicted as being his mother); the perfume deity. Some sources also claim Sekhmet is both mother and sister to Bast (domestic cat goddess; daughter of the creator God: Amun Ra). Yet other sources completely deny any familial connection between the two cat goddesses.
Sekhmet was a Lion-Goddess of Upper Egypt, Bast was the domestic Cat-Goddess of Lower Egypt

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