A God Named Heaven {by SunTiger}

Pictured left is the Roman Goddess Fortuna.

I am always amazed by how MUCH Christianity "borrowed" from previously existing religions and village practices. Before your eyes roll to the back of your head as you groan: "I've heard that already," I thought I might share a story that I had never heard before I read it in a book called Greek and Roman Mythology VENUS.

According to Roman and Greek mythology Heaven is the oldest god who ever lived. Chaos gave birth to him. Heaven mated with Earth and many of their offspring were giants. Some were one-eyed cyclopes. Other children exhibited 150 hands.

With deformed offspring like that, you'd think they'd give up trying to reproduce after a while. Instead, Heaven merely locked up his Cyclops children (perhaps because he was sick of looking at that lone eye in the middle of their foreheads).

Thus you have the ORIGINAL story of Heaven and Earth.

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Breath-e said...

Chaos gave birth to Heaven... there's a novel in there somewhere. Amazing the twists from Fate.