A Spell to Draw to Your Web Page {by Fire Eagle}

To begin drawing customers to your web page, begin the spell by casting a sacred circle (can cast around your computer if you wish) chanting: "Bring to my web site from all corners of the earth, those who seek answers and find their worth".

On your sacred alter put a citrine or tiger eye gem (or both to draw wealth and abundance). Sit on or drape a sacred magical cloth during your call to magic to enhance the strength of your magic. Colors that add potency to this spell are purple, green and orange. Use them via candles, cloth, feathers (air), or any other item to help draw consumers to your site. The representation of air is important with this spell.

The essential oils for drawing to your site is jasmine. Call upon the four corners of the universe with emphasis on the East. (East is the most important direction for this spell because it is the most powerful with air). Ask the Gods/Goddesses and all magical creatures for their help and support of drawing people to your web site. It would be good to call for the help of the raven and the dove (represent air) to help bring and draw to your web site. Sweet grass is an important herb to burn on the alter to "draw" goodness to you as well. You can use the raven/dove feather to help fan the sweet grass to the other realms with your request.

There are two parts to this spell (both done within the circle if possible... if not able to cast a circle around your computer.....add the keyboard or mouse of your computer to the cast circle so the spell magic will include your computer) . One part of this spell is creating a charm for your computer and the other part of the spell is to type it (use dark green letters for wealth) on your web site's home page between the (head) and (body) tags (like hanging it around the web page's neck) with ancient geomantic glyphs that represent acquisition (magically acquires visitors or cash bearing customers to you) and conjunction (signifies the magical command to "acquire connections) enclosing them in comment code (). This will be invisible to your web page customers. The symbols (Arabic) are:


First line: Two asterics with 2 spaces between
Second line: One asteric between the two asterics in first row
Third line: Two asterics with 2 spaces between
Fourth line: One asteric between the two asterics in third row

First line: Two asterics with 2 spaces between
Second line: One asteric between the two asterics in first row
Third line: One asteric below the asterics in the second row
Fourth line: Two asterics with 2 spaces between

The charm spell is done on orange paper approximately 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" . Draw a spider web in black ink on the orange paper. When the black ink dries, create the Acquisitio and Conjunctio symbols in the web with purple ink dots. Anoint the edges of the paper with jasmine. Roll it in a scroll and tie it off with twine. Attach the charm to the computer with clear tape. (Empower the charm monthly with your spell refresh casting)

I get with great clarity that when we "add" something personal to a spell (anything we are inspired to add) we are going to cast, it adds potency to our intent (greater results in the magic that was cast).

To refresh your charm and spell monthly, cast a sacred circle (can do this around your computer with the charm and spell typed in) and call upon the Dieties (expecially air) to add renewed magical power to your spell for the month. Do a refresh if and when you have made any changes to your web page or site as well.

Please let CyberCoven know if this spell is successful for you.

Fire Eagle


SunTiger said...

Awesome post. I really like the idea of utilizing more color around my work space and computer.

For anyone, like me, who had difficulty with the Latin terms:
I had to look the word "Acquisito" up and learned it merely means "Acquisition." Meanwhile, "conjunctio" is Latin for “conjunction" -- a definition I found on the web describes its meaning as: "a union of sacred character, magical and deeply transforming. Conjunctio announces the marriage of cosmic soulmates, so deep and essential it will be almost symbiotic."

What could be more cool than that???

I typically like doing things at the START of a month to generate good MOJO for the pay-earning period ahead. Meanwhile, since I don't want to wait until April to do this spell . . . I'll be marking my calendar for every first Saturday of the month as my new "refresh" target date. :D

SunTiger said...

The only difficulty I've had while casting this spell is when the directions state to use color while putting words in HTML (hidden code). There's not an option to use the different colored ink in that format; as it's all code and only black ink can be used . . . therefore, I added the directed colors to the actual layout of my home page. {Expect that to suffice.}